After the Japanese 3/11 earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima disaster, an American named Chris Noland volunteered in the massive cleanup effort.
What he found led him on a path to answers across North East Japan - to the government, to the power company, and to discover the shocking truth.

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The lingering effects of the March 2011 Japanese earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disasters are captured by filmmaker Christopher Noland---an American living and working in Tokyo during the catastrophic events, who volunteered for the cleanup in Northeastern Japan, documenting true stories from those affected by the disaster.
A man turned volunteer, human rights activist, and powerful advocate, he courageously risked his safety and health to volunteer in the most disaster affected regions. Christopher is a first time writer, director and filmmaker who had the courage to set out on a search for answers most would never ask. What he got was more than he ever set out for, including a soundtrack contribution of "Kurushi" by Yoko Ono.


"The only way to save the children of Fukushima, is to get the world involved."

- Minami-Soma City Councilman Oyama
The World Premiere on 3.11.13 benefitted
Save Minami-Soma Project, providing clean water and food to Japanese citizens still living in emergency conditions.

"Give as much energy of love as you possibly can to the Fukushima Documentary '311 Surviving Japan'.
It will be returned to you tenfold as healing and clearing of your thoughts." - Yoko Ono

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